Join the Natural Gas Revolution!

With all the talk about imported energy, it may surprise you to know that here in America “we currently have more natural gas than Saudi Arabia has oil.”  Most analysts estimate that we have over 100 years of natural gas and maybe much more (read all about it here).

Compressed Natural Gas

So why aren’t we using natural gas instead of oil in our trucks? It is a good question! The old concerns about CNG have been addressed with new technologies and other improvements that make CNG the ideal choice for fleet operators.



Uncertified kits risk big EPA fines. Nat G® only installed fully EPA certified or approved CNG solutions which are now available for many of the most popular fleet vehicles.
Engines won’t start in cold weather. Nat G® only installs solutions that are integrated with the OEM computer system to ensure that there are no “cold start” issues. Our specialists can discuss the differences between the various products and which ones have been proven to perform well.
CNG vehicles have limited range / there are few refueling options A number of advances have largely eliminated the “range anxiety” for CNG vehicles. The first, and most obvious, is that Nat G® offers many bi-fuel and dual-fuel options. So if you run out of CNG you can keep right on driving. Second, the typical CNG cylinder now compresses gas to 3,600 psi which allows you to get more range in the same sized tank. Third, the proliferation of commercial CNG refueling stations means there are more places than ever to refuel. Finally, we offer a wide range of refueling solutions for private fleets that can improve convenience and reduce operating costs.
Modifying the vehicle will void the warranty / harm the engine  There is especially good news on this front! First, converting to CNG does not void the manufacturers warranty. Second, all of the CNG conversion parts as well as the installation have a separate warranty of up to eight years. Third, many of our systems – especially for light duty vehicles – are fully certified by the truck manufacturer to meet all of the OEM specifications. So there is no need to worry.
CNG is dangerous and could explode.  Nat G® only installs certified and warrantied conversion kits and fueling systems. Because natural gas is lighter than air, even if the tank ruptures the fuel will vent up and away from potential sources of ignition rather than pooling on the ground as gasoline does. It might surprise you to know that according to the National Fire Protection Association there are around 287,000 vehicle fires in the US each year. Most studies find that CNG is safer to drive than gasoline vehicles!