Large Scale Fueling Stations Available

(pictured above, station built by Nat G for Lewis Energy in Encinal, Texas)

You wouldn’t buy a dump truck to haul your tool box, you wouldn’t buy a school bus to commute to work! But when it comes to Natural Gas refueling, too often we find companies installing stations that are far bigger, and far more expensive, than they really need. It’s like buying a dump truck to carry your tool box! At Nat G™ we work with many companies that are thinking about installing a private refueling solution.  The key to getting the best price, best service, and best overall solution for your private refueling station is:

  • Understand your real demand patterns and needs
  • Size the station for what you need today
  • Design it to be expandable for the future

A private refueling solution can be a great solution that can save your company more than $1.00 per gallon on its fuel. But all of those savings will evaporate if you

do not size your station correctly. Here at Nat G™ we start with our proprietary Station Sizing & Design Model that allows us to work with you to interactively test different refueling scenarios and demand patterns today and into the future. We can then help you complete a preliminary design and source from a wide range of equipment options from leading partner companies like Atlas Copco, Bauer, Simpkins Energy, Sauer Compressors and more so we know we can find the ideal solution that will best meet your needs. Our initial consultation is free, so call us today and we can help get your company moving forward.