Nat G co-CEO Bob Lukefahr appeared on Fox Business’ “After the Bell” on Monday, September 29. Inspired by Lukefahr and co-CEO Balu Balagopal’s recent op-ed published in the Wall Street Journal, the segment focused on the economic benefits of widespread conversion of commercial fleets to dual-fuel, bi-fuel and dedicated compressed natural gas (CNG).

Watch the full interview here.

The interview touched on the “chicken and egg problem,” a conundrum that refers to the necessity of increasing infrastructure for natural gas refueling stations in order for natural gas vehicles (NGVs) to feasibly function for businesses — while simultaneously needing a larger number of NGVs on the road to justify the building of that infrastructure. Lukefahr addressed the issue by describing some of Nat G’s CNG fueling station options, which vary based on the size and specifications of each fleet.

The availability of bi-fuel and dual-fuel conversions for many commercial vehicles gives them the ability to effortlessly switch to regular gasoline or diesel fuel if they run out of natural gas — reducing range anxiety for long-distance drivers.

Nat G emphasizes the benefits of CNG conversions for commercial fleets more so than for personal vehicles, because large-scale commercial trucking fleets make the most financial and environmental impact, as they drive more miles and consume more fuel than individually owned cars.