Keep it Legal, Make it Safe, Do it Right!

If you search for CNG on the Internet, you will find lots of do-it-yourself kits that are not EPA certified. Don’t do it! The Federal Law is very clear and it is illegal to tamper with any motor vehicle’s emissions profile and the government can assess up to a $5,000 / day fine if you do.

It is about more than just a Federal law. All of the Nat G™ systems are carefully integrated with your vehicle’s computer system. That takes both time and money but it ensures the system will work as advertised and won’t damage your engine.CSA Logo

Then there are the tanks. All of the tanks we use are full certified by the US Department of Transportation and come with a 10-year warranty to give you the confidence they will last.

All Nat G Solutions™ customers are eligible for free tank inspections for three years! Nat G Solutions® has CSA certified inspectors on site to perform these inspections.

RRC-story.jpgNat G™ technicians and management are certified by the Texas Railroad Commission to work on CNG. Our technicians are trained by the kit manufacturers to do proper installation and maintenance. If the shop you are working with does not have a license to do CNG they are operating illegally.